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“Anouska Hempel could have been born in any era, anywhere in the world, and however lowly or isolated, would have beaten a path to opportunity, success and good living. Central to her nature is a restless, adventurous spirit, a boundless ambition, a relentless drive imposed both on herself and everyone who works with her. Beauty and charm come in equal measure, mixed with a quick wit, remarkable repartee and a real power of fascination. Never mind the incandescent temper or her impatience, it's part of her charm and she has an untiring energy, an unquenchable appetite for work and for pastures new.” - Marcus Binney


Anouska Hempel’s command of the living environment creates a theatrical world and sense of harmony over everyday life. Her work is all encompassing, designing for the total-experience and this sets her above others. For Anouska is a landscape designer as much as an interior, architectural and fashion designer, allowing for the creation of a utopian world, drawing on exotic influences and constantly exploring.


Above all Anouska Hempel follows in the tradition of designing in the Grand Manner, creating sequences of spaces that can at once be taken in at a single glance and yet provide calm intimacy and subtle layering. Sometimes a romantic intellectual, dreaming up visions of otherworldly delight, and sometimes like a general, every day of her life she wakes up and goes out to conquer.